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it is my birthday!!


in the midst of winter, i found there was, within me, an invincible summer.

a week or two ago, this rabbit showed up in my old garden space, digging what my mom presumed to be a nest. today, i look outside and see my dog frantically barking at this cat that has been lounging around that area for a few days now. i went outside, and my dog chased the cat off (at this point in time i was on the cat’s side, confused as to why they were “fighting” in the first place). i thought nothing of this and went inside. when i went back outside, i saw my dog’s head down, and a loud squeaking noise. i thought she was just playing with a toy, but getting closer, i saw a brave little baby bunny, eyes closed and everything, squeaking back at my curious dog. frantic, i got my dog out of there, cut off her access to outside and went to check on them. as far as i could tell neither (there are 2) were harmed, but im sure there were more than two at one point :(. i blocked off the area and i hope the cat doesnt come back because they could easily get past my dog-proof defenses

I get bored easily with doing the same sound over and over. So I like to experiment and see where else you can go. I like to push the boundaries – not only for our band, but for what’s possible with songwriting.


"Dance of Swords" from Steven the Swordfighter.

Dance of Swords. Sword of Dances. This is the background music for the duel between Pearl and Holo Pearl!

Music: Aivi & Surasshu
Art: Joe Johnston

The Brobecks in LA, May 4, 2013.

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@gerardway: Thanks for hanging out Ashlyn!!

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this picture has always simultaneously confused and delighted me for the following reasons:

- Ray in the tree

- Gerard posing like an actual pin-up girl

- Bob’s giant branch penis

- Seriously tho wtf is Ray doing in that tree

- Frank’s tiny feet

- Frank in general


pretty little fights that we; that we always get into